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Conversational Spanish Immersion
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Learn conversational Spanish the way it's naturally spoken among native speakers. Conversational Spanish is a practical Spanish immersion course designed to teach you Spanish the right way! Our course uses a real-world approach that is based on real-life situations and focuses on Spanish that is essential in a real conversation. Each lesson progresses in difficulty while introducing new vocabulary and idiomatic expressions. Each conversation includes full transcripts in Spanish and English, detailed grammar notes and vocabulary.


  Key Features & Benefits
study spanish Take your Conversational Spanish to an advanced level.
Learn conversational Spanish Fast. Learn essential, real-life everyday Spanish.
study conversational spanish Listen to conversations on topics you need for fluency.
Exposure to a variety of speakers with different accents.
Reach a higher level of comprehension and confidence.
Surprise yourself and others with your rapid progress.
Contains detailed grammar notes and explanations.
Vocabulary list provided for each conversation.
Conversations in fast and slow speed -- You are in control!

Course includes:

conversational spanish  Audio CD plus listening guide and grammar book
learning spanish  Listen to conversations in normal and slow speed
learn spanish conversation  Conversations in Spanish with English translation
spanish conversation  Detailed grammar notes and explanations
speak spanish  Vocabulary list for each conversation


Real World Conversations with Audio and Text
Our conversation course consists of real world conversations to illustrate how native speakers truly speak Spanish. Each lesson progresses in difficulty to match your growing skills. This process enables you to rapidly reach a new level of comprehension and language ability.

Side-by-Side Translation
No time is wasted looking up words in a dictionary. Each conversation consists of the English translation directly underneath the Spanish text, so you will be able to listen, read and learn without interruptions.

Detailed Grammar Notes
Included with each conversation are detailed grammar notes and explanations. A vocabulary list is also provided for each conversation to enhance and build your Spanish vocabulary.

Immerse Yourself

Immerse yourself with Conversational Spanish and reach a new level of language ability and confidence. Order today and learn conversational Spanish the right way!

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